Glendale School Advisory Committee (SAC)
Parents who are interested in being a part of the SAC team should contact Adam Faust, Principal at 978-8052

What is SAC?

The School Advisory Council (SAC) is composed of a diverse group of stakeholders of a school, established through Florida law, with the shared goal of increasing student achievement in a safe learning environment.

SAC Members: SAC members are elected from their peer groups, and each SAC must consist of a principal and appropriately balanced number of teachers, staff, parents, and community members. The SAC must represent "the ethnic, racial, and economic makeup of the community served by the school. To achieve this, members may be appointed. In addition, the majority of SAC members must not be employed by the school on whose SAC they serve.

SAC Duties: The SAC duties (as defined by the statues) are to assist in the preparation and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan (SIP); to decide how school improvement funds are spent; to decide jointly with school faculty how A+ recognition funds are spent; and to assist the principal with the school budget. Other duties may include waiver requests, monitoring school safety, assisting in school climate surveys, serving as a liason to the community, and involvement in special committees and School Improvement Teams.

SAC and the 5 Star School Award: To achieve the 5 Star School Award, SAC must meet a minimum of 8 times per year with an average of 80% member attendance. It must also present the School Improvement Plan to the school community after public notice to all stakeholders annually; show evidence of ongoing training and/or development of the SAC; show that the SIP reflects one new idea that involves the community in its implementation; participate in the development and/or interpretation of the needs assessment survey; and provide training for staff and SAC members on collaborative partnering and shared decision-making.

SAC Meetings: SAC meetings must be "in the Sunshine" with public access, advertised meeting times/dates; minutes that are taken and available to the public; and record of votes taken. Even when 2 SAC members meet to discuss SAC it must be "in the Sunshine" - including setting the agenda.

SAC Membership & SAC Minutes